From 2007 the completely neglected farm was upgraded to a flourishing domain with biodynamic farming, ecotourism and cultural activities. Traditional 'vista pedra' buildings were renovated. Since the purchase there has been continuous investment in the quality of agriculture, the landscape and buildings. 

With retirement the owners would like to see the next generation taking over. With the prime ideal that the biodynamic agriculture will experience new input by dynamic and ‘creative’ entrepreneurs in the areas of agriculture, horticulture, seed propagation, food and ecotourism. Besides the Limitada the domain has been developed by the Art Association, a professional consultancy and production organisation, specialising in small scale rural art projects and festivals, both on location and in the valley in order to stimulate both creative tourism and artists in residence. In the next phase visionary investors, ambitious creative entrepreneurs and sustainable projects-developers are welcome. The succession focuses on entrepreneurs for existing and new business activities. There is ample opportunity for the desired differentiation: Biodynamic agriculture & horticulture, Product processing, Eco-tourism, Hospitality & Food, Educational activities & Rural Campus, Art projects, Festival, Events, Workshops and Wellness Retreats.

a few images of the amount of renovation that took place over the years.

Quinta da Portela, Faia, Guarda, Portugal


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